Prenatal Care

When you’re having a baby, you want the best prenatal care.

Personal care and attention for your unique pregnancy.

When you choose one of our midwives for your prenatal care, she spends 30-45 minutes with you at each appointment, in a relaxed and comfortable manner that gives her time to listen to your concerns. She also:

  • Checks to make sure your baby is always growing and staying on track with growth. Listen to FHT’s (fetal heart tones) at every visit
  • Discusses your nutrition and activities
  • Checks your blood pressure and weight gain
  • Obtains a blood sample for testing, as needed
  • Partners with trusted ultrasonographers and physicians, can refer as needed

The purpose of prenatal care is to identify problems that can be prevented, and your midwife follows procedures similar to the obstetrical care you’d receive from an OB/GYN or anywhere else. With Jackie or Micaela, every expectant mother enjoys personal care and attention supporting her journey through this unique pregnancy.

Getting ready for your first appointment?

Initial appointments usually about an hour, as we will need this time for completion of necessary new patient forms, lab work, and reviewing your medical history. We welcome your family members, children, partners, spouse, and support people at every prenatal visit.

Contact office manager, Mary, at 713-505-1802, and she can give you access to our electronic medical record system so you can get your forms filled out before you come in.