Life of a Midwife, 7/31/21

I wish I had kept a blog going from the very beginning of my time as a midwife. I have had so many amazing experiences along the way. Little miracles almost every day. Sometimes big miracles. Sometimes sad things have happened, but much more  good than bad. I want to share my experiences publicly instead of just a private journal because I have happiness to share. I want a place to post pictures, too.

I’m going to write about:

  • my public and private life
  • abut moms and babies
  • about our staff at the birth center-compassionate, caring women
  • about my own family and grandbabies
  • about my travels
  • and my thoughts along the way.

 I would love to connect more with my clients and friends through writing and pictures.

 Please let me introduce myself! This is my 20th year as a certified-nurse midwife. I was a licensed midwife for 10 years before that, and a nurse working in the hospital for 10 years before that. I have always loved working with women and feel privileged to be a midwife. I loved having my own midwives. My first two sons were born in the hospital, and the last three were born at home with the help of midwives, and I still have a midwife who provides my well woman care. I strongly believe in care provided by advanced practice nurses- Nurse-midwives, nurse-practitioners, nurse-anesthetists, etc… I just think we provide excellent, comprehensive care.  I hope to continue to provide women’s health care for several years to come.

I’ve started a blog many times, and I will probably attach some of my older posts below, just to have everything in one place. I have a wonderful life as a midwife, mom, wife, sister, cousin, friend, and so on. I am privileged to spend time in labor with women and their families as they bring their precious babies to earth. I also spend a lot of time with my own family, and in meetings each week with other midwives and birth center owners. I make frequent trips between Houston and Beaumont- at least once a week, and sometimes more. I have a large garden and several flower beds to keep up with. I love to read and write about my life and past experiences. I also try to keep in shape by exercising or walking daily- though I don’t always meet that goal.